UNLV Hotel College Groundbreaking

JW Zunino was tasked with providing a state-of-the-art, water efficient, landscape and irrigation design, which symbolized the progress and vision of UNLV development. The UNLV Hotel College will be a trademark for the University in many ways. A leader in Hotel Administration Education as well as Professional Golf Management, the design must reflect the University’s sustainable values as well as the potential future for hotel and resort design.

JW Zunino was respectful with how the outdoor spaces would be organized because of the adjacent student uses as well as respite for students from the valley’s extreme environmental conditions during the summer months. Undulating concrete seating blocks were implemented to provide student with individual and group seating, while preventing vandalism from skateboard activity. Planting arrangements were very formal and deliberate to guide students and visitors through the outdoor spaces and leading them to the building entries. Succulent and low water use plant material provide a glimpse into potential landscape design techniques for future design of similar properties throughout the valley.

JW Zunino also had an integral part in providing the golf management program with an outdoor putting green demonstration area for students. This area will provide a forum for instruction and teaching methods. The multitude of uses surrounding the UNLV Hotel College, and how that relates to the surrounding campus is what makes this a unique outdoor experience.

The groundbreaking for UNLV Hotel College occurred March 30th.

Check out this link for more information on the groundbreaking and UNLV’s ambitious project.