September 2016 Newsletter


JW Zunino has partnered with the Nevada Department of Transportation to create aesthetically appealing signs at six major points of entry into the state. These welcome signs will be made to fit into the environment, be timeless, of heritage quality, and be a representation of the State of Nevada to the millions of tourists that pass into the state annually.

Four of the six sites run along the California/Nevada border, beginning with Bordertown at the north end and moving south to Crystal Bay at the North Shore of Lake Tahoe, then   Stateline and finally Topaz Lake, the southernmost monument sign. Jackpot will be the fifth welcoming point for those traveling in from Idaho at the northeastern most part of the state. The sixth monument is slated to go just past the bridge connecting Nevada to Arizona near Hoover Dam. All monument signs will be slightly different, yet be interconnected with a universal Nevada theme. Anticipated completion of this project is summer of 2017.


Fall in the desert can be tricky.  While our neighbors to the north are readying their gardens for the inevitable cold weather to come, the southwestern part of the United States is still in prime growing and planting mode.  Roses make a comeback from their almost dormant summer state and ornamental grasses start to bloom. It’s also a great time to plant shrubs, such as lantana and verbena. Favorite annual plantings this time of year include snapdragons, pansies and dianthus which will  flower into the winter.

Cucurbita Pepo (AKA Pumpkin) make their debut this time of year. Pumpkins can grow on every continent (except Antarctica) and are used for a variety of reasons. While most of us think of Jack-o-Lanterns at Halloween and pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, this tasty and diverse fruit is good in soups and stews as well as cookies and breads. Growing pumpkins is fairly easy but it does take some good soil that will hold water well but not become waterlogged after our rains. July is prime planting time (use varieties that mature in 80 days). However hardy any plant may be, the one thing they all need are honeybees. So be bee friendly!


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