November 2016 Newsletter


Designed to bring comfort and peace to patients  at the Mike O’Callaghan Federal Medical Center at Nellis AFB, the Healing Gardens are a 1350 sq foot garden area looked upon by the chemo treatment center.   Research suggests that healing gardens bring relief from symptoms, reduce stress and bring about a sense of well being and hopefulness. Humans have a natural connection to nature that automatically reduces  respiration rate, blood pressure, brain activity, stress hormones and improves mood when in the presence or viewing angle of the great outdoors. JW Zunino completed this project in Fall 2016.




Sharing its name and features with the short hairy cousin of Gomez Addams, the Cousin Itt plant (Acacia cognata) will grow to 6 inches in the center and branches out over a 4 foot diameter. The needle like foliage, reminiscent of tiny straws, is suitable in dry climates and poorly drained soils, which makes it a great addition to any landscape in our region.

Native to Australia (where it grows in tree form up to 70 feet tall), this quirky plant can be planted in full sun or part shade and works well as a drapery over retaining walls and rocks. Once established this ground cover requires minimal watering and will tolerate the frost in our region.



  • In 1941 Roosevelt changed the Thanksgiving holiday to the fourth Thursday in November to boost the economy.
  • Sarah Hale (author of Mary Had a Little Lamb) petitioned for 17 years to make Thanksgiving a national holiday,   which Lincoln did in 1863.
  • The first Thanksgiving feast in 1621 was celebrated for three days.


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