Parks! A few parks are just breaking ground, a few parks are in the design phase, and a few were just approved by planning. There are so many ways to make spaces more beautiful with landscape, and JWZ has been fortunate enough to do that with the many parks we have designed in the Las Vegas area in the last 28 years. Parks bring beauty to a whole neighborhood not just with aesthetics, but in uniting people that live in the surrounding areas. Picnics, playgrounds, dog parks, and sports are all aspects of a park that get people out and active in the community. The parks in our area are well taken care of and so green with lush landscaping that they make the perfect backdrop for a photo shoot, a great venue for a party, and a beautiful setting for a wedding. Check out your neighborhood park today!



Since 1621 people have been celebrating Thanksgiving in the United States and what started out as three days of giving thanks for a bountiful harvest, survival, and friendships has turned into a full day of eating, watching football, and shopping. Not only did our forefathers lack access to football and early Black Friday sales, many of the foods common at our Thanksgiving table were missing from theirs. For example, white potatoes (from South America) and sweet potatoes (from the Caribbean) hadn’t been introduced in North America. Butter and wheat flour were non-existent which meant no flaky crust for a pumpkin pie. The only pies at the table back then were made of meat. Cranberries weren’t boiled with water and sugar to make a sauce for another 50 years. While it can’t be verified what all was actually at the table in 1621, a few things are known to be for sure. Venison, wildfowl and corn (used as a grain for bread and porridge) were most definitely there, anything else is just an educated guess.



  • Veterans Day (Nov. 11) became a Federal holiday in 1938
  • Daylight Savings Time ends Nov. 5 (fall back)
  • Thanksgiving Day is also our very own Brent Felipe’s birthday this year!


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