April 2017 Newsletter


Some of our favorite project photos below:

From Top Left:

World Market Center

Eastside Cannery

Spaghetti Bowl

Monte Carlo


It’s thyme (sic) to get that herb garden started! A favorite herb used in cooking that will make your yard smell simply fresh and delish is Lemon Thyme (Thymus x citriodus). Casting aside its citrusy aroma, it’s also one of the few herbs versatile enough to plant throughout your yard as a ground cover in between pavers, for use in a rock garden, or as a delicate draping border.
Planting and care of the Lemon Thyme is especially easy in our climate and poor soil conditions, as the plant is extremely tolerant of both. Plant in the spring in a full (morning) sun position that way when the summer heat comes barreling in about May, the plant won’t fry. Plant in and around other plants or herbs for the bee attraction quotient and harvest the leaves in the morning when the plant is ripe with flavor.


  • This year Earth Day is April 22, 2017
  • The earth loses 56 acres of forest each minute
  • A combination of 700 species of already endangered mammals and birds have been harmed by climate change
  • Educate yourself at earthday.org and get out and be the change you wish to see