Spanish Palms Condominiums – Central Park now open

We are pleased to announce that Spanish Palms Condominiums’ Central Park is now open!

JW Zunino redesigned an aging and under utilized condominium common area that included worn out play equipment, rusted picnic areas, and turf that was unusable for play.  The old amenity area was filled with water intensive turf placed along the perimeter and was being water with old inefficient spray heads.  These spray heads were wasting water and the turf was being underutilized.

The improved amenity area focuses on Spanish Palms’ new direction of bringing luxury back to their complex.  New site amenities include a new playground, dog agility course, picnic area, putting green and turf play area.  Existing mature trees were evaluated for health and maintenance and were thinned out to encourage natural light to enter the site and to allow existing trees to continue to grow without competition.  The turf play area was relocated for better utilization and wasted turf areas were replaced with water-wise plant material to beautify the amenity area.

Spanish Palms Condominiums was thrilled with their new amenity area and released this announcement at it’s opening: