The World Market Center is a showroom for the home and hospitality contract furnishings industry located in downtown Las Vegas.  Upon completion, the WMC complex will have more than 12 million square feet of exhibit space in 8 buildings on 57 acres of land and will be the largest convention center complex in the world. Gathering areas were designed outside each of the main entries, repeating materials used within the main lobby areas.

In addition to the gathering spaces at the entryways, a gathering area was designed at the intersection of Bonneville and Grand Central Parkway to act as a point of arrival for pedestrians. Planting for the site was achieved through the use of drought-tolerant plant materials in open landscape areas, while more lush plant material was provided to punctuate the various places where people will congregate.  In addition, large date palms were utilized in rows to help mitigate the scale of these massive buildings.