Here at J.W. Zunino & Associates, we believe that parks are for children of all ages. This specific park addresses the needs of children for play and physical activity – but also directly and indirectly provides an educational experience. Different areas of this park were designed to generate curiosity, and provide mathematical experiences.

In addition, the park has areas that explore different places of the world, as well as describing some of the history of Clark County.  It also has places that allow park-goers to learn and appreciate the native flora and fauna of our desert.   This park was truly a community-driven design.  The surrounding residents were instrumental in deciding and developing the specific park areas.  In addition to those described above, other areas include a play lawn, a tot lot, picnic areas, a climbing rock, and an outdoor classroom – as well as niches for intimate conversation and quiet time.  This park is truly a Southern Nevada experiential garden for all ages.