On the lot that used to house the old Nevada Palace Casino, stands the  destination hotel property that is the Eastside Cannery Casino.

On this remodeled site, the building architecture displays a cross between the contemporary ideals of today, and the styles common to the 1940’s post-war canning factories.

JWZ created a landscape design to enhance the look and feel of the site with the use of desert-adaptive pine trees and mountain laurels as mainstays. The incorporation of mesquite trees and palo verdes help connect the landscape with the surrounding beautification standards set forth along Boulder Highway. The common goal was to create a seasonally colorful plant palette that compliments the colors and style of the building’s architecture.

The pool area was designed using a modern look at some of the classic materials used in the architecture of the building – as well as incorporating interesting detail pieces such as planter pots and colorful cabana structures.

The Eastside Cannery brings a fresh combination of two different periods in American history to the east side of the Las Vegas Valley.