The MGM City Center project is one of the world’s largest privately-funded projects.  It is a mixed-use development consisting of approximately 76-acres, located between Interstate 15 and Las Vegas Boulevard adjacent to the Bellagio and the Monte Carlo hotels.

The City Center Sales Pavilion is a two-story, 30,000 square foot building located on the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Rue de Monte Carlo, between the New York/New York and the Monte Carlo hotels. The Sales Pavilion contains front-of-house sales models, units and conference rooms; as well as back-of-house offices and support areas.

JWZ worked with WPH Architects and representatives of the MGM/Mirage Design Group to create a unique experience to the Las Vegas Valley, and to differentiate Project City Center from the rest of The Strip. One of the first obstacles in the design process was the difference in grade from Las Vegas Boulevard to the finished floor and parking lot elevations. JWZ developed a system of tiered retaining walls to create a separation of space between the building and road, as well as bringing the scale of the building and elevation change down to a comfortable pedestrian level.

Specimen trees were planted throughout the site to provide immediate maturation.  All of the landscape and architectural elements are designed to create a separation of space between the typical visitor on the “Strip” and potential buyers. The Sales Pavilion is a small peaceful island within the bustle of Las Vegas Blvd. creating a serene environment for potential City Center buyers.